Sell Romance Travel

General Course: 3 Chapters The romance and honeymoon market is large and lucrative. This three-chapter course has plenty of sales tips, marketing advice and product information to help you profit from this segment.

Superclubs Romance Seminar

Virtual Travel Seminar Superclubs has the perfect amenities for your Loverbirds.Learn all you need to know about these amenities from Superclubs Romance Course.

Puerto Rico Weddings

Puerto Rico is the perfect destination for your wedding. Learn about all Puerto Rico has to offer your Love birds!!

Hyatt Romance Course

General Course: 1 Chapter The Hyatt Romance Course provides the sales tips and marketing advice you need to capitalize on this tried-and-true market. Enroll now to start earning specialist status and to cash in with increased sales.

Magic of Mexico

Are you Mexico-Fluent? Ready to sell the most popular international destination for American vacationers?

Couples Resorts

General Course: 1 Chapter Couples Resorts